Project Management – Based in Southern California

We will help you develop your concepts into a well engineered and constructed project. These concepts will be carried from concept engineering through construction and commissioning. ProjectBuild will provide professional engineering, management and construction management skills.

Our process for project management starts from the communication of your idea to our Project team. This is the concept design of the project. During this process ProjectBuild will develop the best approach for the Project by compiling the input from each of your Project Stake Holders. These Stake Holders are your “in house” managers and operators that are focused on product or processes.

Manufacturing Projects Heavy and Light Industry

  • Power Development and Distribution
  • Power Plants and Co-gen plants
  • Critical Power Supply
  • Factory Layout and Design
  • Plant Utilities Installation and Upgrades
  • Ultra Pure Piping Systems
  • Food products processing
  • Bulk and Product Conveyor Systems
  • Metals & composite fiber Dust Collection Systems
  • Automotive manufacturing & assembly facilities
  • Aqueous cleaning systems
  • Water Treatment Systems
  • Waste Heat Utilization

Must-run Communications and Critical Data Centers

  • Telecom Switch Rooms and Hubs
  • Cellular Relay Sites Satellite Communications Sites
  • Dry-pipe, Pre-action and Halon Fire Protection Systems
  • Inertia and UPS Power Systems
  • Self-Generation and Emergency Backup Power Systems
  • District Heating and Cooling Systems: Chilled, High Temp Water & Steam Distribution
  • System analysis
  • Central Energy Plants
  • Chiller Optimization and retrofits
  • Operational Optimization
  • Thermal Energy Storage
  • Tower Optimization
  • Control System Retrofits
  • Laboratory Projects: Plant Utilities Installation and Upgrades
  • Ultra Pure Piping Systems
  • Toxic Materials Dust Collection Systems
  • Toxic Gas Exhaust Systems
  • Electronics manufacturing facilities
  • Clean Rooms for Semi Conductor and Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Wet and Dry Water
  • For Injection Systems (WFI) DI Water Systems
  • Harmonics Analyses

Our Projects speak for themselves. Simply ask our Customers